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Well Minds Together Nanny Training and Consultancy Services

Cultivating Exceptional Childcare, One Nanny at a Time

Empowering Nannies: Psychology-Driven Partnerships

Well Minds Together specialises in elevating the skills and knowledge of nannies, empowering them to provide exceptional childcare. Our training and consultancy services are informed by deep psychological expertise, including insights from the Incredible Years and Triple P Positive Parenting Programmes, and a solid foundation in child development. Our team, enriched with experience in delivering evidence-based psychological interventions for caregiving as well as hands-on care and care management, brings a unique blend of psychological acumen and practical insights to our programmes.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Our training is also suitable for continuing professional development (CPD), and a certificate of attendance will be awarded to contribute to your CPD portfolio.

Our Training Programmes for Nannies

1. Foundations of Child Development and Positive Caregiving (Part 1A)
– Essential for both new and seasoned nannies, this course provides foundational insights into child development and introduces evidence-based strategies for positive caregiving. Ideal for nurturing effective, empathetic childcare practices.

2. Foundations of Emotional Understanding and Regulation in Young Children (Part 1B)
– This course equips nannies with foundational skills to understand and effectively manage the emotional expressions and behaviours of young children, laying the groundwork for supportive, nurturing relationships.

3. Advanced Child Development and Caregiving Techniques ( Part 2A)
Building on Part 1A, this course delves deeper into child development and caregiving techniques, focusing on detailed scenarios and real-life applications in nanny care settings. Ideal for those seeking to deepen their understanding and expertise.

4. Advanced Emotional Regulation and Behaviour Management in Young Children (Part 2B)
– This advanced course offers in-depth strategies for managing complex emotional and behavioural scenarios in young children, using case studies and scenario-based learning to apply advanced psychological knowledge in practical settings.

5. Pathways to Nanny Well-being: Elevating Childcare Excellence
– Discover the crucial link between your well-being and the quality of childcare you provide. This workshop incorporates evidence-based approaches to enhance nanny well-being, directly benefiting your caregiving practices and the growth of the children under your care.

Consultancy Services for Nannies

Our consultancy services, designed to complement our training programmes, provide ongoing support and guidance to nannies. Including evidence-based strategies from the Incredible Years and Triple P Positive Parenting Programmes, our monthly sessions, led by professionals with rich backgrounds in psychology and child development, ensure the integration of learned strategies into daily nanny practice.

Why Choose Well Minds Together for Nanny Training?

  • Expert-Led and Child-Centred – Developed and delivered by a team with extensive experience in child psychology and development, our training ensures a robust, child-centred approach.
  • Evidence-Based and Practical – Incorporating proven strategies from the Incredible Years and Triple P programmes, our training is tailored to address the unique challenges faced by nannies.
  • Comprehensive and Tailored – From foundational knowledge to advanced application, our training caters to the varied needs of nannies, promoting practical and effective childcare.
  • Ongoing Support and Development – Through our consultancy services, nannies receive continuous support, ensuring their professional growth and the wellbeing of children in their care.
  • Commitment to Excellence – We are dedicated to empowering nannies to provide the highest quality of care, fostering nurturing and stimulating environments for children.

Partner with Well Minds Together to enhance your childcare skills and make a lasting positive impact in the lives of the children you care for.