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Well Minds Together Positive Parenting and Parent-Child Development Workshops and

Consultancy Services in Partnership with Nanny Dreams

Empowering Parents, Harmonising Family Care

In collaboration with Nanny Dreams, Well Minds Together offers comprehensive workshops and consultancy services for parents. This partnership ensures a cohesive approach to childcare, aligning the strategies and techniques used by Nanny Dreams’ professionals with the knowledge and skills imparted to parents. Our workshops, informed by deep psychological expertise and renowned parenting programmes like the Incredible Years and Triple P Positive Parenting Programmes, are led by practitioners with extensive experience in psychology, child development, and direct family support. Designed to be accessible and empowering, these workshops acknowledge and build upon the skills and knowledge that parents already possess.

4. Pathways to Parental Well-being: When You Thrive, Your Children Flourish
– Explore the essential connection between your well-being and your child’s development. This workshop utilises evidence-based approaches to enhance parental well-being, positively impacting parenting and your children’s growth.

Our Positive Parenting and Parent-Child Development Workshops

1. Foundations of Effective Parenting – Ideal for all parents, whether new to parenting or looking to refresh their skills, this workshop offers practical advice on understanding and guiding children’s emotions and behaviours, helping to encourage and sustain desirable behaviours both at home and in the community. This workshop complements the approaches used by Nanny Dreams professionals in their daily interactions with your children.

2. Enhancing Parent-Child Relationships
– Focus on strengthening your bond with your child through easy-to-understand communication techniques and a better understanding of your child’s emotional needs. This workshop mirrors the nurturing techniques employed by your child’s nanny to foster a consistent and supportive environment at home.

3. Advanced Parenting Skills
– Delve into more detailed strategies for responding to your child’s needs, confidently handle complex situations and behaviours and foster resilience and independence in your child. These strategies used by Nanny Dreams, ensure a unified approach to your child’s needs, resilience, and independence.

Consultancy Services for Parents

Our consultancy services, designed to complement our training programmes, provide ongoing support and personalised advice tailored to your unique family context. These sessions are led by the experienced team at Well Minds Together, professionals with a rich background in delivering psychological evidence-based interventions to parents, children, and families. This expertise is now extended to work in partnership with Nanny Dreams, ensuring that the care and strategies provided by your child’s nanny are in harmony with the approaches and advice you receive from us.

As a valuable resource for parents, our consultancy services offer expert guidance and ongoing support throughout your parenting journey. This collaboration with Nanny Dreams ensures consistency in caregiving approaches, enhancing the effectiveness of the care and support both you and your child receive, at every stage of their development.

Why Choose Well Minds Together in Partnership with Nanny Dreams?

  • Expert-Led Guidance – Our training, developed in collaboration with Nanny Dreams, is created by experts with in-depth experience in family dynamics and child psychology. This partnership ensures that parents receive knowledgeable, empathetic, and research-informed guidance, consistent with the high standards of care provided by Nanny Dreams.
  • Practical and Empathetic – Our training is both practical and supportive, offering real-life strategies that respect your existing knowledge as a parent. The practical approaches are designed to align with the caregiving techniques used by Nanny Dreams, ensuring a seamless experience for your children.
  • Evidence-Based and Accessible – Drawing from tried-and-tested parenting techniques, our training gives you straightforward, effective tools. These techniques are compatible with the methods employed by Nanny Dreams, making them particularly effective and accessible.
  • Tailored Support Through Consultancy – While our training programmes with Nanny Dreams provide foundational knowledge, our consultancy services offer the opportunity to tailor this learning to your family’s unique needs, ensuring relevant and effective application and alignment with your nanny’s approach.
  • Continuous Support and Growth – Our consultancy services, in conjunction with Nanny Dreams, offer a long-term partnership, providing ongoing support and expert advice for all stages of your parenting journey.
  • Harmonising Caregiving Approaches – By aligning parenting techniques with advanced psychological practices and the caregiving approaches of Nanny Dreams, we promote a harmonised approach to family care, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in nurturing children.
  • Bridging Theory and Practice – Combining evidence-based psychological strategies with practical parenting solutions, we bridge the gap between theory and everyday family life. This approach is further enhanced by our collaboration with Nanny Dreams, ensuring that the strategies are not only theoretically sound but also practically applicable in daily caregiving scenarios.

Join Well Minds Together’s Positive Parenting and Parent-Child Development Workshops in partnership with Nanny Dreams to enhance your parenting skills in line with the high-quality care provided to your children. Discover the joy and confidence that comes with skilled, compassionate parenting, knowing your approach is seamlessly integrated with the exceptional care provided by Nanny Dreams.