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The weekend / weekend nanny / weekend babysitter

Weekend Nannies & duties

A weekend nanny is a caregiver who provides childcare services specifically during the weekends. Unlike a full-time nanny who works throughout the week, a weekend nanny focuses on taking care of children and assisting the family’s needs on Saturdays and Sundays. Weekend nannies typically offer part-time services, and their responsibilities may vary depending on the family’s requirements. 

  • They are hired from Fri 6 PM to Mon 9 am.
  • 6 hours minimum time the nanny can be booked.
  • Grace’s time to book nanny are 4 hours.
  • Take care under the age of newborn to 1 month.
  • Nanny with minimum of 5 years of experience.


Find the one that's right for your baby

With a variety of babysitters and a wide range of babysitters, we’ll be able to locate the ideal babysitter to fit your family. 

Our nannies have experience with the following in-home child care services.

  • Toddler care
  • Infant care
  • Ages 4-11/year  care
  • Twins care

What are the babysitters main duties?

  1. Feeding children
  2. Putting the children to bed
  3. Playing with the children
  4. Supervising the children

 If you are looking for an all-day or part-time babysitter, tell us. The Weekend / Weekend nanny / weekend babysitter


Fun Facts About


~ The definition of a ‘family’ used by the Office for National Statistics is “a married, civil partnered or cohabiting couple with or without children, or a lone parent with at least one child”.

~ By that definition, according to the ONS, there were 18.2 million families in the UK in 2012.

~ Of those, 12.2 million consisted of a married couple with or without children.

~ Until the late 17th century, ‘family’ included not only relatives but also the servants of a household.

~ The word derives from the Latin ‘famulus’, meaning ‘a servant’.

~ Your nose gets warmer when you lie.

~ It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

~ The most expensive book ever purchased was sold for $30.8 million. It was written by Leonardo Da Vinci and was bought by Bill Gates.

~ Do you know animals are frequent passengers on rocket ships? The first living creature in space was a dog named Laika.

~ Insects have been around for about 350 million years. To put that in perspective, we’ll note that humans have only been here for 13,000 years.

~ Some scholars connect “nanny” to the Greek root Nanna— meaning aunt, the Welsh word for grandmother “nain,” and the Russian word nyána, meaning nursemaid. In Colonial India, a nanny was known as “ayah.” 

~ Primarily, nannies are superhumans who have dedicated their careers to raising children. Nannies provide support to parents in need of childcare, working to keep kids entertained, and intellectually stimulated.

~ Fran Drescher is another nanny who stole hearts around the world. She was the star of the 90’s sitcom “The Nanny,” where she played nanny to a wealthy and handsome single dad, Maxwell.

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