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VIP Nanny Services

A VIP Service agency is a professional childcare service that includes all-in-one services with the hand of experienced and professional nannies.

  • No general hours for a VIP nanny; 24 hour open timing.
  • 2 hours minimum time the nanny can be booked.
  • Grace’s time to book nanny are 2 hours.
  • Take care under the age of newborn to 1 month.
  • Nanny with minimum of 5 years of experience.


Find the Nanny that's right for your baby

“VIP nanny” or “Super nannies ” are terms used to describe highly skilled and experienced nannies who provide specialized and exceptional care to families, often with specific needs or demanding schedules. While there is no standardized definition for these terms, they generally refer to nannies who go above and beyond typical childcare duties and offer premium services.With a variety of babysitters and a wide range of babysitters, we’ll be able to locate the ideal babysitter to fit your family. 

Our nannies have experience with the following in-home childcare services.

  • Toddler care
  • Infant care
  • Ages 4-11/year  care
  • Twins care

What are the babysitters main duties?

  1. Feeding children
  2. Putting the children to bed
  3. Playing with the children
  4. Supervising the children

 If you are looking for an all-day or part-time babysitter, tell us.

Fun Facts About


~The word 'family' comes from the Latin word 'famulus', meaning servant.

We've all heard about "nesting" or a "blended" family and I believe the term "melding" is a great term to describe the family/nanny partnership.

It's when families and their caregivers form an inseparable bond.

It is different from the standard relationship between an employer and employee. It's when family and the holiday nanny come together to create something new. A concept in holism.

~The sense extension from "infant" to "child" also is found in French enfant, Latin infans.

When live-in nannies have become well-established and settled become part of your family., unless you're a bit unusual you shouldn't think that your kids will keep family members in check Do you?

For the majority of parents in this scenario the close relationship that their kids have with their Nanny is a tremendous positive factor, and it is among the main reasons to selecting a nanny of your kids.

~ Some scholars connect “nanny” to the Greek root Nanna— meaning aunt.

The Nanny works for a family on on a live-in or live out basis to complete all tasks that are related to taking child's care.

The duties are usually limited to child care as well as chores of the home that relate to the child's care.

Holiday Nanny or all other duties may or might not have received any formal education, but usually is a great source of practical work experience. A nanny's work week can range between forty and sixty hours each week.

Our Nannies are Qualified and Experienced. This is for you if you want to know about Nanny qualifications (With responsibilities and skills)