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The babysitter- Nanny agency

What are the benefits of using an agency over privately finding a nanny?

  • Professional screening and references checks.
  • Tips on how to be a good employer.
  • It reduces stress and time.
  • Join forces in conjunction with All About Nannies.

Are there any upfront costs?

  • No front cost 
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • You only pay for the services you put
  • One of agency fee £20 for each booking

Do I need a formal contract of employment with my nanny?

It is a good method to protect the family unit and serves as an authoritative source for each other in the event of concerns or disagreements.

Can a nanny take a child to the doctor or hospital?

Yes, a nanny can take a child to the doctor or hospital. In fact, many parents prefer to have a nanny take their child to the doctor or hospital in order to avoid any potential distractions or worries that the child may experience when visiting a doctor or hospital alone.

How long does the process take to place a part or full time nanny?

Each situation is unique, we cannot guarantee an exact time frame. Our average time frame can last 3-6 weeks after finalising your search parameters.

Some factors that influence the time to place a nanny are:  Location, number of available candidates, and the response time from a family after presenting candidates.

What fees do we pay to your agency?

You will find our nanny services fees are reasonable and competitive to secure safe and reliable children for you. 

What if I don't meet your requirements?

You should still apply! The Nanny Solution will help you gather the necessary information and documents.

Where can I complete a criminal record check?

The Nanny Solution can help you get a criminal record check done online. It is cheaper and quicker than going to your local police station. If you already have a valid criminal record check, we will not require you to get a new one done.

How will I be paid once I am placed with a family?

The families will pay you directly. Typically, you will be paid via e-transfer bi-weekly or bi-monthly.

Do i sign a contract?

Yes. Once you have found a family to work for, The Nanny Solution will draft a contract that protects both you and the family.

Do you run background checks for parents who do not hire a nanny through The Nanny Network?

Yes, the Nanny Network can run a criminal background check for parents who have successfully hired a nanny on their own. Call us for rates!

What are considered standard nanny duties?

Standard nanny duties include preparing meals for the children, doing the children’s laundry and doing any child-related clean up. They also include having fun with the children!

Family assistants, on the other hand, are asked to do more. Generally, in addition to some child care, family assistants will assist with grocery shopping, errands, simple meal planning and preparation, family laundry, in addition to other household organisation.

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