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Babysitting / Daycare / Nanny Services

Day Nanny

…support for your child’s daily routine.

Night Nanny

…care and attention throughout the night.

Weekend Nanny

…take some well-deserved time off

Holiday Nanny

…enjoy a stress-free holiday

Living Nanny

…welcome a warm and caring living nanny

24 Hour Nanny

…dedicated 24-hour nanny service,

Maternity Nanny

…providing personalised care and support

VIP Service

…according to your needs

Babysitting/ Nanny services

We are the best nanny agency in London. Our babysitters are carefully screened for their experience, training, and skill set. The assistant is also required to pass a thorough background check.

Skilled Nanny: Once hired, they receive ongoing training to maintain their skills and keep up with the latest child development information.

One-on-one Attention: We believe one-on-one attention is crucial for a child’s development. Able to focus on each child and their specific needs.

Guidance to the family: They give direction to the family. She ensures that the children are fed, clothed, and sheltered. She is also responsible for teaching them about appropriate behavior.

Schedule and routine for each family: 

Our childminders can also provide a more custom schedule and routine for each family. This can be based on the family’s needs and preferences when needing nanny agencies in London. Daycares have a more set schedule that all children must follow.

Fun Facts


~The word 'family' comes from the Latin word 'famulus,' meaning servant.

We've all heard about "nesting" or a "blended" family, and I believe the term "melding" is a great term to describe the family/nanny partnership.

It's when families and their caregivers form an inseparable bond through the nanny agencies in London.

It is different from the legal relationship between an employer and an employee. Family and the holiday nanny come together to create something new—a concept in holism.

~Your nose gets warmer when you lie.

~The sense extension from "infant" to "child" also is found in French enfant and Latin infants.

When live-in nannies have become well-established and settled, they become part of your family. Unless you're a bit unusual, you shouldn't think that your kids will keep family members in check, Do you?

For most parents in this scenario, the close relationship that their kids have with their Nanny is a tremendous positive factor, among the main reasons for selecting a nanny for your kids.

~Some scholars connect "nanny" to the Greek root Nanna— meaning aunt.

The Nanny works for a family on a live-in or live-out basis to complete all tasks related to taking child's care.

The duties are usually limited to child care as well as chores of the home that relate to the child's care.

Babysitters or all other duties may or might not have received a formal education, but usually is an excellent source of practical work experience. A nanny's work week can range between forty and sixty hours.

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